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Blog posts of '2016' 'January'

Happy New Year! I hope you started the New Year on a good note. Today, I’ll talk about starting each day on a good note!

I’ll share a secret—’s breads and pastries are often ordered for breakfast meetings! That’s one less worry for your business, as we’ll take care of it. We can fulfill virtually any bakery order for next-day delivery and at early morning hours to ensure that your breakfast arrives on time.. :)

Here are some ideas for your next corporate breakfast (or afternoon snack!) meeting:

Mini Pastry Set
Selection of butter croissant, chocolate croissant, and mini raisin swirl. You can also customize per your preference, e.g. half-chocolate, half-mini raisin swirl
Bread to Share + Isigny Butter + Jam
Traditional breakfast of bread, butter, and homemade jam
Pate + Sourdough Baguette
Not the typical French breakfast, but it is common in Scandinavian countries...if you want to serve something more filling.
Cheese + Parisien Loaf
Even for those who can take cheese first thing in the morning, it is still a good idea to serve a mild cheese like gruyere, emmental, or brie.
Have a great start to 2016!