Mini Pastry Set - freshly baked

Freshly baked buttery, flaky mini pastries (1 butter croissant, 1 raisin swirl, 1 chocolate croissant)
₱99.00 / pack
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Set of French Mini Pastries

A platter of bite-size freshly baked buttery, flaky mini pastries (1 butter croissant, 1 raisin swirl, 1 chocolate croissant), made with imported ingredients from France.

Torn between different fillings of your favorite french pastries? Have them all in one set!

Serving Ideas:

- Delectable delights that will look perfect on your buffet table for parties or get-togethers.

- Neat and excellent snack bites for meetings.

- Delicious gourmet addition to your breakfast menu.

- Fun mini treats you can bring along for a potluck.

- Enticing brunch bites you can lure your kids into.

- Perfect for a morning tea or coffee.

Complete Breakfast Meal:

This set for your breakfast menu will complete your needs for carbohydrates, fats and fruit portions especially when taken during breakfast. Add a cup of coffee or tea and voilà - a strong delicious breakfast loaded with energy to jumpstart the day.

Origin: France


Delivered freshly baked!

*Best consumed on day of delivery. If storing for later consumption, freeze to preserve freshness.

Re-heating Instructions:

Lightly warm in the oven toaster for 1-3 minutes. 


Nutrition Facts for:

Mini Butter Croissant

Mini Butter Croissant Nutrition Facts

Raisin Swirl

Raisin Swirl Nutrition Facts

Mini Chocolate Croissant

Mini Chocolate Croissant Nutrition Facts

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nice set!
tasty pastries in a set, it's very convenient for me! great job
From: Mattie | Date: 10/13/2017 12:07 PM
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