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Origin: Switzerland
PhP 1490 / kg
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Gruyère Cheese

350 g (+/-)

A yellow Swiss cheese typically aged 5-12 months made from high quality cow's milk that fed solely on natural forage and fresh grass. It has sweet yet a little salty taste with creamy, nutty and earthy flavor. It is traditional and unpasteurised, with natural, rusty brown rind that is hard, dry and pitted with tiny holes. The cheese is darker yellow than Emmental but the texture is more dense and compact. Slightly grainy, the cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavors - at first fruity, eventually becomes more assertive and complex.

Named after the town Gruyère in Switzerland born in 1115 and gained the the French certification AOP as protected designation of origin.

With its distinc yet not overpowering taste, it is among the finest types of cheese for baking. It is good for melting, too.

Type: hard

How to Serve:

- makes mouth-watering fondues
- famous melt in French croque-monsieur
- the cheese roll in your cordon-bleu
- mixes well with salads and pastas when grated
- tops gourmet soups as well

Wine pairing: Pinot GrisPinot noir from Burgundy, ChardonnaySauvignon Blanc
Cheese platter: pear, melon fruit, pecans, crackers, apples
Cheese boardComtéGruyère - Emmental Grana Padano

Health Benefits:

Gruyere cheese is a good source of vitamin K2, rich in protein and abundant in calcium. It also provides Omega-3 fatty acids and has plenty of good bacteria, the probiotics.

A good dairy portion that provides excellent amounts of phosphorus and vitamin B12 as well as a good amount of vitamin A.

: Unpasteurized cow’s milk, salt, ferments
*allergen information: contains milk

Origin: Switzerland

Storage: Wrap original packaging tightly in wax or parchment paper, cover with plastic wrap then refrigerate.

Shelf Life: properly stored, 3-4 weeks refrigerated

Recipe Suggestion:

Cherry Tomato, Marshmallow and Gruyère Salad
*recipe from


500g cherry tomatoes
1 bunch of fresh basil
400ml milk
60g Gruyère cheese, finely grated
3g agar-agar
2 egg whites


Bring the milk, 30g of the Gruyère AOP and the agar-agar to the boil for 1 minute.
Pass through a sieve and leave to cool. Before the agar-agar solidifies, add the egg whites which have been beaten until stiff.
Spread the marshmallow on a lined baking sheet and let it solidify for 4 hours in the fridge. Then cut into squares and roll in the remaining grated Gruyère AOP.
Arrange the cherry tomatoes around the marshmallows and garnish with the finely chopped basil.
Serve and enjoy!

Cherry tomato marshmallow and Gruyere salad Recipe


Nutrition Facts

Gruyere Nutrition Facts

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grilled cheese and everything!
Super delicious cheese that is perfect for a grilled sandwich. It's actually great on anything, I love this cheese.
From: Byron | Date: 4/13/2019 12:43 AM
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