Country Style French Pâté

Ready-to-eat cooked pate
2 pieces / pack
Delivered Frozen
₱330.00 / pack

Country Pâté (Pâté de Campagne)

Php 850 / kg

Baked Coarse Meatloaf for your appetizing appetizer, entrées, best served along a glass of wine. Made from quality ingredients.

Simply delicious and easy to prepare. It also looks well on your lunch box, a picnic basket, or your filler meal for any day.

Pairs perfectly well with cheese platter, mix in some dried fruits & nuts to have an elegant cheese board on parties.

Ingredients: Pork Meat, Pork Fat, NPS, Water, Phosphate, Spices

Origin: France

Delivery and Packaging:

Delivered cooked and frozen, vacuum packed per 2 slices
Weight: 390 g per pack

Storage and Shelf Life

Store chilled +1-4 C, Frozen -18 - 20 C

Chilled 14 days, Frozen 60 days


May be eaten cold, pan-fried, grilled, baked

Recipe / Serving Suggestion:

Party Cheese Platter


slices of Country style pâté
slices of French sourdough baguette
small pieces of Goat Cheese St Maure - Ashed
slices of camembert cheese
pieces of Gruyere cheese
pieces of Black Jack cheddar
pack of Prosciutto Di San Daniele
berries or grapes
cocktail nuts


Arrange the slices of cheese, pâté, nuts and berries on a platter.
Place baguette slices on the side and layer prosciutto on top.
Sprinkle the fruits along the cheese set.
Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Country Style French Pâté Nutrition Facts

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