Yellow Pepper Drops

Gouttes de Poivron
Antipasti, 850 g tin
₱990.00 / can

Sabarot Yellow Pepper Drops

850 g

Sweety yellow pepper drops in brine. Mini teardrop yellow peppers or Gouttes de Poivron. Bring fresh, sweet, and original touch to all your dishes with pepper drops, a Sabarot exclusive.

Dare to drop these peppers to peck as an aperitif, perfect in an antipasti platter. A flavourful and crunchy kick to have on your pasta dishes, in your salads or on your pizzas, an ideal gourmet finishing touch.

Discover their incredibly sweet taste that will surprise you and color all your dishes in an original and inventive way!

Health Benefits:

These beauties give an extra kick to metabolism aside from being loaded with vitamins and health-promoting compounds. They are particularly rich in vitamin C and B vitamins. 


Mini yellow peppers, water, sugar, salt, firming agent: calcium chloride, acidifier: citric acid, vinegar, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.


Storage: Store at 0 ° C to + 3 ° C after opening and use within 5 days.

Shelf Life: 2 years unopened


Recipe Suggestion:

Yellow Pepper Drops Pasta Salad


250 g farfalles pasta
some yellow pepper drops
2 medium red peppers
100 g small bacon
50 g toasted pine nuts or any nuts
Dijon Mayonnaise
A few basil leaves
Salt and pepper 


Cut the red peppers into 4 quarters and take out the seeds.
Stir-fry in a non-stick pan until they swell and brown.
Let sit for a few minutes then cut into strips.
Meanwhile, cook the pasta as indicated in the package.
Brown the bacon in a non-stick pan.
Toss cooked pasta, nuts, peppers and bacon into a salad bowl and mix with Dijon Mayonnaise.
Sprinkle with some yellow pepper drops.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Top with basil leaves and chives.
Serve and enjoy! 

Yellow Pepper Drops Pasta Salad Recipe 


Nutrition Facts

Yellow Pepper Drops Nutrition Facts

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real gourmet taste
I like the taste. It's sweet and a little spicy, perfect for my salad and pasta.
From: Lydia | Date: 7/17/2020 12:33 AM
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