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Mussels (shells on)

Frozen Healty Food
454 grams per bag

₱ 150
Sold per pack

Mussels in Shell

These Chilean mussels are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) to preserve their peak freshness and extend their shelf life. Enjoy plump, flavorful mussels any time. Mussels are a culinary delight, perfect for a variety of seafood dishes. They can be steamed, boiled, baked, roasted, grilled, or smoked, making them a versatile ingredient for any meal.

Mussels are a culinary delight, perfect for a variety of seafood dishes. Whether you prefer them steamed in a classic white wine and herb broth, smoked for a deeper flavor, or grilled to succulent perfection, these versatile mussels will become a favorite. They can also be boiled, baked, or roasted, making them a versatile ingredient for any meal.

A few examples:

Classic European: Simmer mussels in white wine, butter, and fresh herbs. Pair them with crusty bread and crisp French fries for a satisfying meal.

Gourmet Appetizer: Stuff mussels with savory fillings like butter, cheese, or breadcrumbs for an elegant starter.


Casserole: Pour the mussels in simmering water (1/2 liter for 400 g). Immediately turn off the stove and leave for 2 minutes for 200 g, 3 minutes to 3 minutes 30 seconds for 400 g, then drain immediately.

Steamer: Place the mussels flat in the steamer basket over simmering water. Cover and leave 2 to 3 minutes for 250 g, 3 to 4 minutes for 500 g (if the mussels are not on a single layer).

Frozen mussels, shell on

Average Nutritional Values (serving size 100g)Per 100 g
Total Fat2.2 g3%
Saturated Fat0.4 g2%
Cholesterol0.028 g9%
Total Carbohydrates3.7 g1%
Dietary Fiber0 g0%
Sugars0 g0% 
Protein12 g24%
Salt0.286 g12%
Vitamin A3%
Vitamin C13%
Vitamin B12200%

*Percent values are based on a 2000-calorie diet.



In the freezer at -18 ° C until the date indicated on the packaging.
*Never refreeze a thawed product.

Shelf life:

24 hours in the refrigerator, in a suitable dish, out of its packaging.
3 days in the ice compartment of the refrigerator.


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Product reviews for Mussels (shells on)

3/26/2021 3:59 PM
easy going
packed nicely, easy to work with and always end up delicious.
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8/14/2020 10:59 PM
delivered frozen yet fresh tasting
the mussels tasted fresh when cooked, they're delicious even in only butter and garlic
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