Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label in Box

France, Reims, Champagne
Brut, in Box
₱3390.00 / bottle
Healty Food

Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label

750 ml bottle, in box

Flagship powerful and complex signature wine style with tasting notes of brioche, white fruit aromas, and a creamy finish. 

Grape Varieties

50% to 55 % Pino Noir, 20% Meunier, 28% to 30% Chardonnay*

*Vary slightly according to conditions per vintage. 

Tasting notes

Palate: Taste that reconciles in balance both strength and silkiness, aromatic intensity and generous freshness. 

Nose: Fruity aroma of peaches, mirabelle plums and pears, with vanilla and toastiness of brioche.


About Veuve Cliquot

Style Champagne of Elegance, Vibrancy and Edge.

For over 200 years now, since its founding in 1772, and the take over of Madame Cliquot in 1805, the Veuve Cliquot Heritage House has stayed true to its motto: "Only one quality , the finest." Products from the grand houes keep a consisitency in style: complex and powerful with Pinot Noir predominance. The predominance of Pinot Noir provides structure, strength, and intensity. Veuve Cliquot is the style champagne that radiates elegance, audacity, and edge with a unique yellow signature that has helped make champagne known in the world. 

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