USDA Choice Beef

One of the top grades given by United State Department of Agriculture, the USDA Choice Beef have nice marbling which translates to very tender, juicy, flavorful beef. With the USDA Choice Beef inspection seal you are guarantee to buy high-quality American beef. Three of the best sellers and most tender cuts are available on (tenderloin, ribeye and prime rib) you can have them barbecue grilled or broiled with or without sauces. Delivery in Metro Manila, Philippines.

USDA Choice Tenderloin Steak

500 - 550 g per pack
Php 2250.00 / kg
Delivered Frozen
₱1250.00 / pack

USDA Choice Tenderloin Tips

454g / pack (1 lb)
Delivered frozen
₱990.00 / pack

USDA Choice Beef Ribeye Steak

450-500g/pack (1 pc)
Php 1690.00 / kg
Delivered frozen
₱840.00 / piece

USDA Choice Korean Barbecue Sh...

2 pieces, 500-550g / pack
Php 1290.00 / kg
₱650.00 / pack

USDA Choice Beef Prime Rib

950g-1 kg per pack (1 piece, bone in)
Php 1550.00 / kg
Delivered Frozen
₱1550.00 / piece

USDA Choice Hanging Tender

1.2 kg - 1.4 kg / pack
Php 990.00 / kg
Delivered frozen
₱1290.00 / Piece