Turkey Ham Slices

200 grams / pack, Delivered Fresh
5 Turkey Ham Slices per pack
₱230.00 / pack

Smoked Turkey Ham Slices

200 grams (5 slices)

Lean pure smoked turkey ham slices, mild and smoky. Classic with firm texture and full of flavor.

Perfect on its own or added in any type of dish - from sandwiches, pita fills or rolls to main dishes like risotto, pastas or stir-fries. Great addition to your salads as well.

Serving Suggestions:

- Sandwich in toasts with melting cheese, or fill in bagel with cream cheese.

- Serve in cold & cuts platter.

- Pair with cheese or fruits.

- Toss in green salad.

- Add in pasta dishes, risotto, deli wraps and more.


US Turkey breast, NPS, spices, phosphate

Packaging and Delivery:

Delivered vacuum packed fresh per 200 grams, 5 slices per pack.

Origin: Europe

Storage and Shelf Life

Store chilled +1 C, Frozen -18 - 20 C

Chilled 14 days, Frozen 60 days


 May be eaten cold pan-fried, as sandwich filling or topping


Recipe Suggestion:

Turkey Ham Omelette


1 pack Turkey ham slices
6 eggs
3 tbsp all purpose cream
1 tbsp Isigny butter
4 tbsp grated cheese
Salt and pepper


Beat the eggs in a bowl, add in cream then season with salt and pepper.
Melt butter in a frying pan.
Pour scrambled egg and cooked until semi-cooked.
Sprinkle the ham slices and cheese.
Fold the egg and and continue to cook and ready.
Serve and enjoy!

Turkey Ham Omelette


Nutrition Facts

Turkey ham slices Nutrition Facts

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nice to the palate and its smoky feel adds to its flavor..very tasteful
From: Shelly | Date: 10/25/2017 4:01 PM
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