Thai Jasmine Rice Snack - Nori Wasabi

55 grams
Ri-O Nori Wasabi flavored Thai Jasmine Rice Snack. Baked.
₱75.00 / pack

RI-Ö Nori Wasabi Thai Jasmine Rice Snack

55 grams

Get going and be inspired with our Ri-O japanese style Nori Seaweed Wasabi-flavored snack! Ohayo! Care for a taste of Japan?

Made of the best Thai Jasmine Rice in the world from royal umbrella rice! Inspired by Japanese style Nori Seaweed Wasabi. Get the crisp with a spicy, tangy, and a flavor bound with a twist that is entirely oriental.

A unique hot snacking experience to spice up your day with friends or family. Have fun with this snack that is baked and never fried. A relatively better alternative to the standard sour cream and onion-flavored potato chips in terms of calories and fat content. It has fewer calories and lesser fats.

- Gluten-free
- Trans fat-free


Rice, corn, seasoning mix, coloring, food acid, seaweed powder, wasabi powder, anti caking agent, sugar, palm oil, salt.

*Allergen advice: contains soy, milk, seafood and mustard.

Origin: Thailand

Shelf life: 1 year

Nutrition Facts

Thai Jasmine Rice Snack - Nori Wasabi Nutrition Facts

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