Thai Jasmine Rice Snack - Barbecue

55 grams
Ri-O BBQ flavored Thai Jasmine Rice Snack. Baked.
₱75.00 / pack

RI-Ö BBQ Thai Jasmine Rice Snack

55 grams

Made of the best in the world Thai Jasmine Rice from royal umbrella rice! Try this Thai Jasmine Rice snack in BBQ flavor. Go Crunchy with Ri-O, a snack made better for you!

Crispy barbecue-flavored snack that you can share with your friends or family in a scorching hot summer day or any day for that matter. Relish in the taste of summer and outdoors with this goodie of a snack that is not junk.

Made with a quality-approved jasmine rice, this snack is a healthy alternative to the standard potato chips as it is baked rather than fried.

Relatively a little bit fewer calories than the regular barbecue flavor potato chips and way much lesser fat. Also it is Gluten-free and Trans-fat free!


Rice, corn, seasoning mix, smoke barbecue powder, sugar, palm oil, salt, flavorings, flavor enhancers, soy sauce, spice extract, shrimp powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy) garlic, chili, white pepper.

*Allergen advice: contains soy, milk, seafood and mustard.

Origin: Thailand

Shelf life: 1 year


Nutrition Facts

Ri-O BBQ Thai Jasmine Rice Snack Nutrition Facts

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