Seedless Plum Halves

454 grams / pack (1 lb)
Imported frozen plums for jams, chutney, cakes and pies
₱549.00 / pack
Healty Food

Imported Frozen Seedless Plum Halves

450 g

Imported plums split in half, inedible seed extracted, flash frozen upon harvest. Ideal to make your own jam, compote, chutney, cakes, pies, or salads.

The name plum means "something desirable". With a firm and juicy flesh, smooth peel, magnificent taste and pleasant aroma, it sure is something to be desired. Plums are a kind of fruit from the family of drupes related to peaches and nectarines. Its size usually grows between 2-7 centimeters in diameter.

This delicious fruit will definitely tickle your taste buds while giving away essential nutrients needed by the body.

Health Benefits:

The fruit is a good source of fiber, vitamin A, C, K with moderate doses of B vitamins and minerals. Like other fruits, it is low in calories, low in fats, pratically 0 saturated fats, cholesterol-free and sodium-free. 

The fibers in a plum and its antioxidants help regulate smooth digestive system and relieve constipation. For healthy eyes and skin, this fruit is an excellent addition to diets as it gives 7% vitamin A and 16% vitamin C daily recommendations.

These fibers and the low glycemic index of the fruit along with its phytochemical nutrients make it very helpful in controlling blood sugar spike, therefore, it is diabetic-friendly and can even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. These also have anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity effects on cells including fat cells, and thus help treat obesity and the complications associated with it.

It is also one of the fruits that promote brain health with its vitamin K content, providing 10% of the daily recommendation. This vitamin is important in regulating normal blood clotting in the blood vessels and also in bone metabolism. It also helps improve the memory and eliminate anxiety.

People with heart problems need not worry nor hesitate in adding this fruit to the diet. It has heart-healthy nutrients like potassium and iron that help in managing high blood pressure and heart rate. One hundred grams serving of this fruit provides 3% and 1% daily recommendation of these minerals respectively.

Another important nutrient profile of the fruit is the fact that it is packed with antioxidants and along with vitamin C, they help hunt down damaging free radicals and develop resistance against infections and boost overall immunity. It also has phytonutrient compounds that help scraping those radicals, thereby promoting anti-aging, anti-inflammation properties, lowering the risk of diseases. A sure fresh treat to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Recipe Suggestion:

Grated Carrots and Chicken in Plums Salad
*recipe courtesy of The Bon Appetit Diet

Serves 1 person


125 g carots
75 g chicken white meat cut in cubes
30 g seedless plums halves
1/2 lemon
Salt, pepper


Sauté chicken in a non-stick, non-fat frying pan until golden brown. Let cool.
Wash, peel and grate carrots.
Cut the plum halves into smaller pieces.
In a plate, arrange carrots, chicken and plums and drizzle with lemon juice.
Add salt and pepper to taste.


In the freezer at 0°F (–18°C) or below.

Note: Frozen items, especially for fruits, have the tendency to clump together. It is advisable to thaw the fruits in advance a few hours before use.

Origin: Europe

Defrosting and Thawing:

Remove from the freezer and put only needed amount to defrost in a secure plastic bag or lidded plastic container.

Place newly-packed fruits in the refrigerator. Slow defrosting from 6-15 hours is preferred.

After, put the pack in a container filled with cold water to make defrosting faster. Place back in the refrigerator as soon as defrosted.

Avoid running frozen fruits under water or microwaving for defrosting to keep from mushy and soggy textures.

Nutrition Facts

Seedless Plum Halves Nutrition Facts

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