Whole Salmon Fillet (skin on)

Avg. 1.4 / 1.6 kg per pack (1 piece)
Php 990.00 / kg
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Imported Whole Atlantic Salmon Fillet, Skin-on

Php 990.00 / kg

This precious fish fillet gets even more tantalizing with its totality, skin included.

Generally moist and flavorful in its whole glory plus the crispness of its cooked skin. Rich in omega-3, very good for the heart.

Very easy to prepare, serve and it is gourmet. Quite the attraction on the table for lunch, dinner or supper.

Cooking ideas

Ideal for cooking salmon fish fillet recipes, a few examples on how it is cooked:
- roasted in butter or herbs of choice
- baked with just about any garnish or mix of anything you fancy - thyme, dill, cornichon, mustard, lemon
- grilled with lettuce and other white meats with side dish of potato, works with asparagus, too


These salmon fillets are also ideal for sashimi, grilling

Health Benefits:

Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods loaded with nutrients and considered to be something like a superfood.

Several health benefits are credited:

- decrease risk factors for diseases
- decrease inflammation
- decrease risk of cancer
- improve the arterial function
- lower blood pressure

Great source of the essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids with its EPA and DHA, acids that naturally occur in oily fish : eicosapentanoic acid (EPA), docosahexanoic acid (DHA).

As they cannot be produced by the body, they need to be acquired from a diet. You get 2.6 grams of them for every 100-gram serving of this fish.

Way better option than fish oil capsule supplements, not to mention all natural.

This superfish is also an excellent source of protein. High-quality protein of at least 20-30g a day is needed by the body to be able to:

- protect the health of the bones
- maintain muscle mass (especially during weight loss and aging processes)
- heal after an injury

Rich in B vitamins. This bunch of vitamins are essential for the optimal function of the brain and nervous system. They are also responsible in the conversion of food to energy, the repair of DNA and its creation, as well as reducing inflammation (that can lead to heart disease).

With more than the equivalent in banana, Salmon is also a good source of Potassium. This mineral helps control blood pressure and prevent surplus of water retention. Also reduces risk of stroke. 

It is also rich in trace mineral called, Selenium which basically helps protect bone health, improve thyroid function and reduce risk of cancer. A very good source to increase blood levels of Selenium in the body.

It has the antioxidant Astaxanthin, responsible for its pigment coloring. This antioxidant helps in the general well-being of your skin health (makes you look younger, too). It also aids in potentially lowering the risk of heart disease by reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing the good one (HDL).

*Specific guidance may be applicable for pregnant and breasfeeding women.




Delivered frozen, vacuum packed individually

Average weight: 1.4 / 1.6 kg per piece

Recipe Suggestion:

Festive Roasted Salmon in Butter


900 grams to 1.1 kg Salmon Whole Fillet Skin On 
3 tbsp mixed aromatic herbs for fish (or alternatively minced dill or parsley)
4 tbsp (½ stick) butter
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Lemon Slices


Choose an oven-safe skillet that will perfectly fit your salmon. A skillet is or a well seasoned cast iron pan are good choices as it will give a nice texture to the roasted fish. Alternatively, you can use a regular baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Place butter and half of the herbs in 475°F preheated oven, until butter begins to sizzle.
Season salmon with salt and pepper. Add the salmon to the pan, with skin on the top. Roast for 4 minutes. Take out of the oven and peel the skin away. The skin should peel right off. If not, try to cook it a couple of minutes longer. You can choose to leave the skin on, if you prefer.
Roast for another 3 to 5 minutes. The timing will depend on how well done you would like your salmon to be. For every half-inch of salmon, roast 4 to 6 minutes. At 4 minutes, salmon will still be a touch rare, 6 minutes will thoroughly cook it. You know that it is done when it flakes easily. With a tiny portion of the fish along the thickest part, try to pry it gently with a fork. When it flakes easily, it’s ready.
Transfer to a nice serving dish with some more herbs and round slices of lemon.
Serve and enjoy!

Festive Roasted Salmon in Butter Recipe


Nutrition Facts

Whole Salmon Fillet with skin Nutrition Facts

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Fantastic as Sashimi
I double-checked with Gerald.ph if this can be eaten as sashimi and they positively confirmed it.  Served this as sashimi during Christmas and the taste was fantastic.  Will order again.
From: Edmund | Date: 1/2/2018 6:05 PM
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amazing salmon
Simple to cook, tastes fantastic!
Cooked it right away, seasoned with salt and pepper with drops of lemon, etc and voilà...
From: Der | Date: 10/20/2017 11:30 AM
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tried this one, too
and taste of quality! enjoying my time in the kitchen more and more
From: Julia | Date: 10/13/2017 12:19 PM
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Amazing product
We enjoyed this very much with the family last sunday
From: fabrice | Date: 1/15/2017 7:27 PM
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