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Romantic Breakfast for 2

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Romantic Breakfast for 2


Staying home on Valentine’s Day? Here’s a romantic breakfast idea you can serve to start the special day right, sweet, and delicious!


1 pack of Apple Turnovers
2 slices of bread
Strawberry jam
Some mixed berries on the side
2 eggs, poached


Bake the turnovers according to instructions.
Toast the slices of bread.
Poach the eggs.
Top the toasted bread with a heart-shaped strawberry jam.
Take out two of your favorite big plates.
Place one baked pastry on each plate.
Add the two slices on one plate.
Add the two poached eggs on the other plate.
Place the berries in a bowl.
Arrange them on the table.
Add some Valentine's Day decor like a stem of red rose, some sprinkle of flower petals, or little red candles.