Ristretto Coffee Capsules

10 capsules - 100% Arabica
Nespresso Compatible
Darker roast, short shot, full -bodied

Coffee Planet Ristretto Coffee Capsules

10 Nespresso® Compatible capsules or pods

For a powerful yet short shot of deeper darker roast yet full-bodied coffee. A stronger take for coffee lovers and coffee needers alike.

100% Arabica coffee, freshly roasted, sourced from the best farmers of the world. The Coffee Planet's Roastmaster selects each coffee bean individually. They are then roasted and especially blended to impart a potent coffee for tough individuals.

Embedded in a fully recyclable plastic capsules by the latest tech, nitrogen flushed, keeping its freshness locked and the capsule's life extended.

How to Serve:

Espresso - Shot short pour button on the Espresso Machine (35-40 ml)

Americano - Short pour button on the Espresso Machine, eject capsule then add hot water

Cappuccino - Short pour button on the Espresso Machine, eject capsule then add frothed milk

Café Latte - Short pour button on the Espresso Machine, eject capsule then add steamed milk

Machiatto - short pour button on the Espresso Machine, add 2 teaspoons frothed milk gently to form white cap on the espresso

Bulletproof coffee - pour 1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil and 2 tbsp unsalted Butter on the coffee.

Flat White: 45% double ristretto, 45% Steamed milk, 10% Milk foam (180ml)

Caffe Latte: 40% espresso, 50% Steamed milk, 10% Milk foam (250ml)

Mocha: 35% espresso, 25% steamed milk, 20% Chocolate syrup, 20% Milk Foam (250ml)

Cappuccino: 40% espresso, 40% Steamed milk, 20% Milk foam (250ml)

Tasting Profile:
Hints of sweetness of roasted walnuts, with dark cocoa and cinnamon taste, ending with a toast finish.

Intensity: 10

Benefits of Coffee:

It has been known that the caffeine content in coffee may help improve the mood and make one become more alert. It may also enhance working memory, improve attention and may help reduce the risk of depression.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Roasted Coffee

Machine Type: Nespresso compatible

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

Origin: UAE


Recipe Suggestion:

Café Latte Iced Fruit-Fusion
*from coffeeplanet.com blog

Equipment and Ingredients

Coffee machine (filter or capsule)
Ice cube tray(s)
60ml Fresh milk
Coffee Planet Signature ristretto capsules x 2
Raspberry syrup (optional)
Fresh raspberries
12oz glass


Place the fresh raspberries in the ice cube trays and fill using boiled/hot water. The hot water not only freezes faster but will give you a clearer ice cube. Place the ice cubes into the freezer for a few hours
Prepare your coffee using either 200g of Italian dark roast coffee or 2 x ristretto capsules. If this sounds strong that’s because it will prevent a watery beverage once the ice begins to melt. Leave the coffee at room temperature until it is no longer warm.
Take your 12oz glass and fill it with 2/3 of your fruit-infused ice cubes before pouring your now cold coffee over them.
Next, you can add your fresh milk and marvel at the marble effect
Finally, you can add the raspberry syrup as desired and your iced coffee masterpiece is ready to enjoy!

Cafe Latte-Iced Fruit Fusion Recipe

Nutrition Facts

Ristretto Coffee Capsules Nutrition Facts

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