Thai Jasmine Rice Snack - Cheddar Cheese

55 grams
Ri-O Authentic Cheddar Cheese Thai Jasmine Rice Snack. Baked.
₱75.00 / pack

RI-Ö Cheddar Cheese Thai Jasmine Rice Snack

55 grams

Get an awesome cheesy and crunch experience with this Thai Jasmine Rice snack in real cheddar cheese flavor.

Made of Thai Jasmine Rice from royal umbrella rice that is the best in the world! Crisp in cheese snack that is good for you!

Pop with friends and have fun while you hang out, in the beach, in the park, just at home, or just about anywhere else. Enjoy good times with a snack made from jasmine rice approved quality.

This snack is baked, never fried. It has lesser sugar, salt, and carb content, more protein than its barbecue counterpart.

  • - Gluten-free
  • - Trans fat-free


Rice, corn, seasoning mix, cheese powder, palm oil, salt, flavorings.

*Allergen advice: contains soy, milk and may contain traces of seafood.

Origin: Thailand

Shelf life: 1 yr


Nutrition Facts

Thai Jasmine Rice Snack - Cheddar Cheese Nutrition Facts

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