Red Sour Cherry Fruit Purée

1 kg, Puréed Oblachinska cherry,
Origin: France, Delivered Frozen
₱899.00 / kg
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Red Sour Cherry Purée

Also known as tart cherry or dwarf cherry and closely related to sweet cherry. Oblachinska variety of cherry, a small fruit but with firm, juicy flesh and exactly the right blend of sweetness and acidity. Blood red in color, tantalizing taste and crisp aroma.

Made from the classic recipe of frozen fruit purees, it consists of 90% fruit and sweetened with 10% by weight of granulated sugar and is unpasteurized without additional preservatives, flavorings, coloring, nor thickening agents. Get the pure natural taste and intense flavors of the sour cherry, selected at the right moment of ripeness from this purée that is valued by many professionals - chefs, pastry chefs, star cooks, best craftsmen.

  • No preservatives
  • No flavoring
  • No coloring
  • Certified GMO-free

The color gives it away, this pureed form of this little red fruit is loaded with important nutrients including antioxidants, phytochemicals, and in vitamin C - cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory, heart-friendly and other health benefits.

Health Benefits:

With high levels of antioxidant phytochemical, anthocyanins, loaded with disease-fighting chemicals, and a strong presence of vitamin C, this fruit aids in protecting brain cells, promote smooth blood circulation, and nerve function. This team of nutrients may also aid in preventing several types of cancer by minimizing damage from the cells and preventing clogging up of the artery walls, giving way to smooth blood flow and normal blood pressure.

Other health benefits include treatment to insomnia as the fruit is naturally rich in melatonin, the hormone associated with sleepiness. It may also help boost muscle strength and reduce its soreness from a physical activity, ease arthritis and gout due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and most importantly, keep the immune system healthy.

Adding this puree to your dish will give a perfect flavor to a myriad of cuisines without worrying about the health.

Serving Ideas:

- commonly used for smoothies, fruit drinks, shakes, ice cream, and sorbets
- ideal for pastries, desserts, fillings, gelato, and savory sauces
- great in cocktails, mocktails, and many more recipes


Red sour cherry 90%, sugar 10%


Weight: 1 kg

Store between -18° C (0°F) and max 15°C.
Shelf life of 24 months in the freezer.


Nutrition Facts

Red Sour Cherry Purée Nutrition Facts

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