Pesto Swirl Dough

Pesto filled puff pastry swirl
Delivered frozen: dough form
₱320.00 / pack
Healty Food

Ready-to-bake Pesto Pastry Swirl

85 g

A whirl of balanced, vegetarian pastry made with choice ingredients - basil, cheese, and garlic - for a delicious roll that is just the right size for lunch breaks.

With just the right amount of pesto mixed in with cheese spiced up with basil, they work amazingly well together resulting to an incredible blend to fill an exciting pastry spiral. The simplicity of this blend that we love in pasta is now in our favorite pastry twist, too!

Serving Ideas:

Take it to a picnic or have it as brunch, it will be fantastic.
Pile on a plate and have your loved ones or friends dig in.
Heap a platter and serve as appetizers.
Fun flaky pesto pastry pinwheels for snacks you can indulge your kids with.
It will look pretty at your buffet table.
Ready and great addition to your appetizer platter to serve to guests during holidays or get-together.

Health Benefits:

Aside from its delicious taste, a tasty good dose of carbohydrates can be obtained from this pastry with 15% of the daily recommended intake for each serving. It is also a good source of calcium and iron.

A good portion of dairy can be sourced as well with its contents of cheese. Adding basil pesto to the mix hitches it up a notch with its phytochemicals that are very nice for your diet. They act as antioxidants keeping the cells healthy and away from damaging free radicals.


Delivered frozen in dough format, ready-to-bake.


Keep frozen at -18°C before using.
Do not refreeze after defrosting.


Defrost at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.

Baking instructions:

Convection oven
Place on baking paper maximum of 9 pieces (tray 40 X 60 mm).
Bake at 170-180°C for 18-20 minutes.
*Choose only professional quality baking paper with wax texture to allow the product to rise and expand.

*baking may vary according to oven model, please check oven preferences for specific requirements
*for conventional oven lower temperature by 20°C

Origin: France


Nutrition Facts

Pesto Swirl Nutrition Facts

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