Raspberry Fruit Purée

1 kg, Puréed Raspberries
Origin: France, Delivered Frozen
₱990.00 / kg
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Raspberry Puree

These little bundles of bright color and delightful aroma, raspberries make a refined purée with natural intense flavor and beautiful texture.

From the classic range of fruit purées, made of 90% raspberry fruits and sweetened with only 10% granulated sugar. Raspberries were delicately picked at the right maturity. No added flavors, coloring, preservatives, nor thickening agents.

  • No preservatives
  • No flavoring
  • No coloring
  • Certified GMO-free

Praised by professional chefs and pastry chefs, the puree offers a natural taste, aroma, and flavor of the fruit while retaining its nutritional value.

Health Benefits:

This puree is low in calories and fats, it contains good amounts of antioxidant, minerals and vitamins that are all essential to the health.

It is a rich source of dietary fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamin C, which is also a powerful natural antioxidant, and the mineral manganese. These nutrients help the body resist infections, fight inflammation, prevent cell damage from free-radicals, and even slow down the growth of tumor. Manganese helps in bone health and acts as co-enzyme for the metabolic processes of the body.

It is also a decent source of vitamin K. This vitamin is essential in regulating blood clotting, in bone health, and in the transport of calcium.

It contains small doses of vitamin B-complex, minerals like potassium, copper, iron, and magnesium. Adding this puree in the dishes may help amplify the doses for the body's daily need of these nutrients.

Serving Ideas:

- Great in smoothies, ice cream, sorbets,
- Desserts ans pastries like puddings, fruit mousses, tarts, bavarois, charlotte desserts, fruit jellies, coulis, glazes and syrups, fruit pops, jams, and many other dishes.
- Excellent in cocktails and summery drinks
- Fantastic addition to your yoghurt along fresh fruit and oats
- Great in vinaigrette to pour over fresh salad greens


Raspberry 90%, Sugar 10%


Weight: 1 kg

Store between -18° C (0°F) and max 15°C.
Shelf life of 24 months in the freezer.


Nutrition Facts

Raspberry Fruit Puree Nutrition Facts

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