Raisin Swirl

Freshly baked pastry filled with raisins and custard cream.
₱85.00 / piece
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Raisin Swirl

Swirled pastry, originally called "pain aux raisins". This spiral french bread is filled with raisins and custard cream and made with imported ingredients from France, baked fresh daily.

This member of viennoiserie patisserie, is a variant of croissant in France but in other parts like Northern Europe and North America, it is more based on brioche dough.

A twirl of flaky pastry with raisins scattered here and there and a fill of crème patisserie gives a luscious appeal to this buttery pinwheel.

Serving Ideas:

Consumed typically for breakfast as part of a continental breakfast.
Nice company during coffee or tea breaks.
Great as snack for the fun-filled full of energy kids.
Excellent as pasalubong for any occassion or simply to just sweeten up a regular day.
Elegant pack for potlucks.
Perfect on your buffet table.
Suited for vegetarians.


Wheat flour, butter, raisins, eggs, water, sugar, milk, skimmed milk powder, yeast, modified starch, salt, colours and flavours, emulsifier and stabilizers, wheat gluten, gelling agent, flour treatment agent, enzymes.
*Allergen advice: contains wheat, gluten, eggs, and milk. May contain traces of nuts and soya.


Delivered freshly baked.
*Best consumed on day of delivery. If storing for later consumption, freeze to preserve freshness.

Re-heating instructions:

Lightly warm in the oven toaster for 1-3 minutes.

Origin: France

Nutrition Facts

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creamy and delicious bread accented with raisins, it's perfection!
From: Maggie | Date: 4/16/2019 11:05 PM
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