White Sugar Cubes

750 grams
Brand: La Perruche
Rough cut white sugar cubes
₱595.00 / box

La Perruche White Sugar Cubes - Pure Cane Rough Cut

750 grams

La Perruche Rough Cut Sugar Cubes are grown in and imported from the Congo or Swaziland and packaged in France. These high-quality, rough cut cubes give an elegant touch to any setting. La Perruche Sugar is an all-natural product, naturally from tropical sugar cane. Premium quality irregular-shaped sugar cubes. Exceptional product and highly appreciated by connoisseurs of refined subtle taste.

Pure nuggets of 100% cane sugar, produced using La Perruche's exclusive process. Subtle with sophisticated flavor. The unique authentic taste puts them in the kitchens of renowed chefs and has won gourmet palates over all over the world. Have a unique touch to delicious moments with the family or a sophisticated elegance to the taste experience with these sweets.

Cane sugar.

1 cube = 1/2 teaspoon of sugar

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Shelf-life: indefinitely

Origin: Congo/Swaziland/France

Recipe Suggestion:

Mango Coconut Tiramisu
*recipe adapted from laperruche.fr

Serves 6


1 mango
155 g La Perruche white sugar cubes (or according to taste)
50 ml unsweetened coconut milk
250 g mascarpone
250 ml pouring cream
2 eggs
20 g Béghin Say coconut-flavoured sugar or grated coconut
18 sponge fingers


In a frying pan, melt 75 g cassonade, sauté the mango cubes, then add the coconut milk. Pour into a dish and leave to cool.
In a bowl, whip the mascarpone with the cream, the remaining 80 g cassonade, the coconut-flavoured sugar and the eggs until the mixture thickens.
In each glass, arrange a sponge finger, the fruit then the cream, and repeat the operation. Store in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving.
Serve and enjoy!

Mango Coconut Tiramisu Recipe


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sweet and pretty
Presentable and easy access, not messy. The sweetness is just suave and soft
From: Meg | Date: 11/10/2017 12:32 PM
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