Green Peppercorn Mustard

250 mg
Pommery, France
₱650.00 / jar

Pommery® Green Peppercorn Mustard

250 mg

Pommery® Green Pepper Mustard is a fine, sifted mustard, enriched with finely crushed Madagascar green pepper. A mustard that will add a very special flavor to your dishes.

The green peppercorn mustard is fragrant with a slight tart taste and a burst of peppery hotness from the Madagascar-grown green peppercorns. Pommery green peppercorn mustard is greatest in the world, as regarded and favored by many professional chefs.

A great partner for veal and potatoes. Stir into a cream sauce, top rub on your steak or chicken, or serve with cold meats. It is also an amazing glaze to vegetables like cauliflower, before roasting.

Packed in traditional stoneware jar and is closed by a specially designed plastic stopper that help preserve the mustard's characteristic pungency, so they taste fresher for longer.

Pommery is one of the oldest producers of French Mustard and claims to have produced for the french kings as far back as the 1600s with a well-guarded family recipe since 1720.

Ingredients: water, mustard seeds, vinegar, green peppercorns (10%), salt, preservative (sodium bisulphite).
Allergen information: contains mustard and sulphites.

Storage: Keep in a pantry or in a cool, dark place away from heat and moisture.

Shelf-life: 9 months minimum

Origin: France

Recipe Suggestion:

Creamy Green Peppercorn Mustard Sauce


1 tbsp of Pommery Green Pepper Mustard
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup dry white wine
1 small bowl of beef stock


In a saucepan, mix egg yolks, mustard, and white wine over low heat.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.
Stir into a creamy consistency.
Heat the stock and add hot liquid gradually onto the cream mixture.
Whisk until consistency is light smooth cream.
Serve on top of your favorite steak or grilled meat and enjoy!

Creamy Green Peppercorn Mustard Sauce Recipe

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simply fantastic!
Rich taste that goes well with my chicken dish and salad, it tastes different than the one I'm used to yet it's super good. Plus, nice reusable jar.
From: Ivy | Date: 7/17/2020 9:38 PM
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