Pinto Beans

Easy Cook Finest Legumes
U.S. No. 1 Grade
Healty Food

Easy Cook Pinto Beans

The Pinto Bean is a variety of the common bean and related to the Kidney Bean. With a size of ½ inch in length, speckled bean of mottled red and brown streaks and light yellow at the keel, the color turns pinkish brown when cooked.

Popular in vegetable soups, refried bean recipes, and chili con carne.
» Rich in Folate
» Loaded with Soluble Fiber
» Great Source of Iron
US No. 1 Grade: highest score attributed by the USDA standard for lentils and beans.

Another variety of healthy food to add to your diet that gives impressive doses of nutrients.

Health Benefits:

Pinto beans are rich in nutrients, low in fat, an excellent source of protein and cholesterol-lowering fiber.

Loaded with lean protein. One cup of of boiled pinto beans provides 33% of women's daily recommend value and 27% of men's. Great alternative to animal meats when these are not readily available. Perfect protein provider for vegans and vegetarians.

High in fiber. Insoluble fiber from the beans helps prevent constipation and promote healthy digestion. Regular intake may help prevent other digestive disorders. These dietary fibers also help reduce cholesterol levels, which in essentially helps in shielding the heart against diseases. They also help prevent spike of blood sugar levels after a meal and regulate it, too. One cup boiled of these beans will provide 60% of the daily recommended value for fibers.

Healthy source of iron, high in folate and a good source of other B vitamins, and manganese.

Serving Ideas:

- Include in vegetable soups or stews
- Use in chili recipes
- Great side dish as warmed pinto beans
- Can be eaten whole boiled or in broth or mashed
- Refried beans
- Nutritious filling for tacos or burritos
- Chili con carne
- Add chopped onions or dried herbs to enhance flavor
- Excellent addition to a tossed green salad

Store in cool, dry place.

Directions for a quick soak:
Pour beans into boiling water, leave to boil for 2 minutes. 
Remove from heat, set aside covered for an hour. 


Recipe Suggestion:

Curried Pinto Bean w/ Seared Chicken
*recipe courtesy of Ideal Macaroni

Serves 3-5 persons


200 g EASY COOK Pinto Beans
1 kg Chicken thigh fillet *
* (Season w/ salt, pepper & curry powder)
5 cups Water

Blend all these Ingredients in a Blender:

4 pcs Cardamom pods
3 pcs Onions
60 g Garlic
35 g Ginger
35 g Fresh Turmeric
35 g Galangal
40 g Korean Chili powder
10 g Cumin
40 g Cilantro
Tamarind paste
2 tbsp. Curry powder or Garam
240 ml Chicken stock
240 ml Coconut Cream
Canola oil
1 Can Pineapple slices


Rinse & soak beans overnight drain & simmer beans in water until tender, drain & set aside.
Blend all ingredients in a blender until it becomes a paste.
In a sauce pan sauté paste until fragrant, add stock beans & coco cream & simmer for 10 minutes. Add pan - seared chicken until cooked.
Serve hot w/ Paratha or French bread.

 Curried Pinto Bean w/ Seared Chicken

Nutrition Facts

Pinto Beans Nutrition Facts

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