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Pine Nuts

Frozen Healty Food
500 grams
₱ 1250

Pine nuts

500 g

Pine nuts or piñón, pinoli or pignoli are the edible seeds of pine trees. They lend a nice nutty flavor to dishes and are great additions to salads, sauces, and to complete a nice deli and cheese plate. An indispensable ingredient to authentic Italian pesto, it can also be added to other pasta sauces to enrich its flavor and add an interesting crunch and texture to the dish.

Serving Suggestions:

Toast pine nuts to bring out their flavor. But they are also great eaten raw. Add to pasta sauces, top salads, and add to soups. 

Pine nuts

Health Benefits:

Eating tree nuts like pine nuts can help lower the risk of heart-related illnesses. They are great sources of nutrients particularly high vitamin E, and magnesium, which work together to strengthen heart health. They are also rich in antioxidants, and a great source of healthy calories.

pine nuts nutrition facts


Storage: Store in an airtight sealed bag in a cool dry place. For best quality, refrigerate after opening.

Shelf life: 1 year unopened in the fridge, 6 months after opening.

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