Picnic Bacon

Smoked and baked thick pork belly slices
PhP 790.00 / kg
200 - 340 g per piece
₱199.00 / (+/-) pack

Smoked and baked pork belly slices. Very tasty with a nice strong smokey aroma and flavor.

Ingredients: Pork Meat, Water, NPS, Spices, Phosphate

Weight: 200 - 340 grams / pack

Checkout price is based on the maximum weight per pack (340 g). Actual pack weight upon delivery may be lower. The final invoice will be computed according to the actual weight delivered.

Packaging: Frozen, vacuum packed

Storage and Shelf Life

Store Chilled +1-4, Frozen -18 - 20 C

Store Chilled 14 days, Frozen 60 days


Can be eaten cold, hot or as topping


Nutrition Facts

Picnic Bacon Nutrition Facts

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