Organic Quarter Pound Veggie Burger

454 grams (4 patties)
Quarter Pound Veggie Burger made from organic bulgur wheat, vegetables, soybeans, hint of barbecue sauce.
₱429.00 / pack
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Amy's Organic Quarter Pound Veggie Burger

454 grams (4 patties)

Extremely satisfying Quarter Pound Veggie Burger made from hearty organic bulgur wheat, organic vegetables with soybeans and the perfect hint of barbecue sauce. Perfect for firing up that grill!

Satisfy your hunger and fulfill the flavor needs of your tastebuds with bigger portions of the perfect veggie burger without worrying about your health and form.

Grill it right and have an outside that is crisp yet firm and moist on the inside with a subtle kick yet robust flavor.

Health Benefits:

Made with mostly organic and wholesome quality ingredients, get these delicious burger patties that are a good source of plant-based protein and fiber. These have good amounts of vitamin A and Calcium as well and small dose of vitamin C.

Not to mention, they are Cholesterol free, low in fat, in saturated fat and more:

  • o Vegan
  • o Dairy free
  • o Lactose free
  • o Kosher DE
  • o Low fat
  • o High protein
  • o 0 Trans Fat
  • o 0 Cholesterol
  • o No added MSG
  • o No preservatives
  • o GMO Free

Ingredients: textured soy protein (hexane free), organic onions, organic mushrooms, filtered water, organic soy fiber, wheat gluten, organic bulgur wheat, organic celery, organic tomato purée, organic carrots, organic cane sugar, organic bell peppers, organic oats, expeller pressed high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, sea salt, organic walnuts, organic sweet rice flour, spices, organic potatoes, organic garlic, organic apple cider vinegar, organic blackstrap molasses, stoneground mustard (grain vinegar, water, ground mustard seeds, salt, spices), natural hickory smoke flavor, clove oil, black pepper.

Allergen advice: contains wheat, soy and tree nuts (walnuts).
*Made in a facility that processes foods also containing milk and seeds but no peanuts, fish, shellfish, or eggs.

Serving Ideas:

- pan-fried or grilled with your favorite sides or enjoy on their own
- perfect to sandwich in between a toasted bun with tasty veggie greens, onions, tomatoes, and cheese just like the popular fastfood version, only healthier
- excellent as steak for dinner alongside mashed potatoes with greens

Directions: Keep frozen.
Cook from frozen. Patties are fully pre-baked.
Avoid overcooking.

Heating Instructions:
Remove and discard packaging.

Stove top:
Heat on lightly oiled pan on each side until thoroughly heated.
Grease each side lightly with olive oil before grilling on indirect heat.
Conventional oven / Oven toaster:
Place on baking sheet and heat at 375°F for 4-5 minutes on each side or until heated thoroughly.
Microwave oven:
Place one or more patties on a microwaveable dish in one single layer.
Microwave 50-60 seconds per patty, add cooking time about 50-60 seconds per additional pattie.
Let cool before serving.
*guide only, time may be adjusted depending on type of oven.

Origin: USA

Nutrition Facts

Organic Quarter Pound Veggie Burger Nutrition Facts

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