Organic Indian Samosa Wrap

142 grams
Organic potatoes, peas, tofu wrapped in a soft-baked wheat tortilla. Vegan.
₱189.00 / pack
Healty Food

Amy's Indian Samosa Wrap

142 grams (5 oz)

It’s a samosa in a wrap and definitely delicious! Made from lightly spiced organic potatoes, peas, and tofu, embraced by a soft-baked wheat tortilla.

Hearty and satisfying, no hungry pangs in between meals. Quick and easy meal for busy days or missing cooking skills. Or simply the go-to meal when craving for Indian cuisine.

Health Benefits:

A good amount of fiber and protein can be sourced from this wrap, a decent source of Iron and Vitamin C with moderate doses of calcium and vitamin A. Made of high quality organic ingredients, pure herbs & spices with no hidden ingredients, it is compatible with a plethora of special diets:

  • -Vegan
  • -Dairy free
  • -Lactose free
  • -Corn free
  • -Tree nut free
  • -No Trans Fat
  • -No added MSG
  • -No preservatives
  • -Kosher DE

Ingredient: organic potatoes, organic unbleached wheat flour, organic tomatoes, filtered water, organic onions, organic whole wheat flour, organic peas, organic tofu (filtered water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride), expeller pressed high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, sea salt, spices, organic ginger, organic garlic, organic wheat gluten, mango powder, organic jalapeño peppers, turmeric.

Allergen advice: Contains wheat and soy.
*This product is manufactured in a facility that produces foods containing wheat, milk, soy, tree nuts and seeds. Amy's Kitchen does not use any peanuts, fish, shellfish or eggs.

Directions: Keep frozen.

Heating Instructions:

Conventional or Toaster Oven: Preheat oven to 400°F. Remove overwrap then wrap samosa in foil. Place on cookie sheet and bake for 35-45 minutes or until throughly heated. Let sit 1-2 minutes to cool.
Microwave Oven: Remove overwrap then wrap samosa loosely in a paper towel or place in a microwavable dish. Heat on high for 2 minutes or until throughly heated. Let sit 1-2 minutes to cool.

Other Serving Ideas:

- easy dinner with Indian side dishes
- quick-'n-easy lunch alongside a soup, veggies, or salad
- serve with a little ketchup with a little mayo
- add cheese into the wrap to take it up a notch

Origin: USA

Nutrition Facts

Amy's Organic Indian Samosa Wrap Nutrition Facts

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