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Organic Coconut Vinegar

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Diabetic-friendly. Natural.
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Natural Coconut Vinegar

by Bibliorganics

An all-natural new kid in town that is considered to be one of the healthiest vinegar to use as a condiment, in cooking, for salad dressings, beauty regimen, and everything in between.

The perfect culinary condiment and health tonic both, sprang out of its shell and now within reach. From the coconut tree with roots reaching into the soils then deep down into the seawater, more than 65 essential minerals absorbed and carried in every part of the coconut through the sap. This is where this natural vinegar is culled, aged and naturally fermented until it reaches optimal level of acidity.

A drizzle of goodness brings goodness to the health and can also be handy as health tonic for the external beauty.

Shake well before using.

As a weight loss companion, add 1-2 tablespoons to a glass of water or any drink in the morning, stir and take on an empty stomach. It may help in stimulating acid concentration in the tummy, aid enzymatic digestion, alkalizing and rejuvenating your body.

As culinary aid, use as condiment like you would with a regular vinegar. Boost flavor in your salad dressings, dips, or sauces, and other culinary needs. Replace regular vinegar with this.

As a beauty product, dilute vinegar and use as face wash or toner, apply undiluted for skin problems like acne. It is non-toxic and free of alcohol, helps prevent acne and skin aging. It can also be applied as a natural deodorant. Apply to hair then allow to dry before rinsing, it helps prevent dandruff and itching of scalp.

Naturally fermented coconut sap.

Health Benefits:

Naturally aged and fermented, organic and all-natural ingredients not synthetic unlike the regular you get in the market. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, and enzymes that are totally good for the body.

The sap contains phosphorus, especially rich potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, etc. Potassium is essential in controlling blood pressure level and converting sugar to energy. Phosphorus helps the body in using other nutrients and takes care of the bones along with calcium. Red blood cell formation is what the iron is in charge of as well as the cellular energy production and copper takes care of its absorption in the body. Magnesium is essential in the biological processes of the body as well as in the function of muscles and nerves.

It contains a decent amount of protein in every spoonful serving with 9 essential amino acids and 8 nonessential amino acids.

Bibliorganics Coconut Vinegar also possesses Frutooligosaccharides (FOS), which are also used as prebiotics. Prebiotics act as food for "good" bacteria in the intestine, thereby, stimulating the production of beneficial bacteria. This in turn, helps in digestion, in absorption of nutrients, and in prevention of major diseases.

- Antimicrobial
- Prevents acid reflux
- Improves energy levels
- Helps in promoting immunity
- Aids in blood production
- Promotes good nervous system function
- Helps restore the body's ideal blood ph level

Compatible to weight loss and suitable for diabetics:
- Supports digestive health and varied probiotic intestinal flora
- Has low glycemic index, which helps promote healthy blood sugar and prevent blood sugar spikes

1 tbsp = 14.3 grams


Store in a cool dry place.

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Product reviews for Organic Coconut Vinegar

5/19/2021 7:59 PM
real nice
very promising, I mostly use it for cooking and it gives a real flavor boost to my recipes.
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10/9/2020 9:52 PM
good value for its size
Mild flavor nice for cooking, I use it also in my beauty regimen.
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