Moët & Chandon Rosé Mini 200ml - Duo

France, Champagne
2 bottles, 200 ml each

Moët & Chandon Rosé Mini Impérial 200ml (20cl)

Two romantic bottles that found each other in the perfect time to join you and your loved on your special day. 

The perfect gift for this Valetine's season.

The same Moët & Chandon Rosé wine in a smaller more convenient bottle.

Grape Varieties

Pinot Noir - 40 to 50%, Pinot Meunier - 30 to 40%, Chardonnay - 10 to 20%

Tasting notes

Pink color with highlights of amber. 

Nose: Scent of robust, bouquet of red fruits - raspberry, cherry, wild strawberry- nuances of roses and a tinge pepper.

Palate: Taste red-berry flavors 

About Moët & Chandon 

Moët & Chandon, founded in 1743, was driven by a pioneering vision: to elevate champagne as an international and universal symbol of luxury and celebration. It has consistently gained ground by preserving the richness and diversity of the champagne terroir up to the assemblage. This spirit of fine craftmanship inspires this approach: adaptation, precision, and sense for details. To date, it is the most important player in the region, giving  Moët & Chandon the ability to innovate and the duty to move the category forward. 

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