Mixed Herbs For Salad

Packed in 50 g container.
Aromatic mixed herbs, chopped, ready to use, frozen just right.
₱79.00 / pack
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Mixed Herbs For Salad

₱79.00 / pack

Refreshing, rich in taste, practical, flavorful. Mixed Herbs for Salad with enticing aroma to enhance the flavor of your favorite salad with this ready-to-use, chopped, frozen, packed salad herb blend.

Sprinkle directly straight from the freezer even without defrosting and voilà, serve your salad extraordinaire.

These well-blended culinary herbs give a refreshing taste to your salads, the secret ingredient to bring extra flavors to your everyday cooking, a highlight to your culinary talents.

Grown, freshly-picked and prepared - washed, chopped then frozen less than 4 hours after being picked. This process ensures that the herbs retain the same taste value and nutrient as the herb through an essential oil set at the heart of the plant ensuring longevity and lack of wilt.


Chive, Parsley, Shallot, Chervil, Basil and Thyme

Origin: France

Health Benefits:

These herbs give a boost of flavor and can potentially reduce the need for salt, thereby lowering salt intake. They are a good source of fibers, essential vitamins and minerals like A, C and K to name a few, they have abundant plant compounds loaded with antioxidants that help combat diseases with their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

A sprinkle of these herbs gives a burst of flavor without sacrificing the health.

How to Cook with Mixed Herbs:

- add 2 teaspoon of Salad blend to any dressing
- directly sprinkle in a salad
- try a sophisticated starter for a festive menu, recipe below

Take out from the freezer and get the needed amount for your recipes.
Put immediately back to the freezer to store.


Keep frozen (-18°C) in the freezer compartment.
Do not refreeze after defrosting.


Recipe Suggestion:

Festive Gourmet Salad
*recipe adapted from daregal.fr

Serves 4


1 bag of lettuce hearts
1 packet of smoked duck
200g packet semi cooked foie gras
artichoke hearts
1 pack extra fine green beans
30g walnuts
3 tbsp hazelnut oil
1 tbsp red wine & raspberry vinegar
Salt and ground pepper
2 tbsp herb Salad Mix


Wash the lettuce hearts and tear the leaves out.
Drain the artichoke hearts and slice them thinly.
Steam the beans for 10 minutes then place them in iced water.
Mix vinegar and oil for the salad dressing. Add in the herb salad mix.
Place salad, beans and sliced artichoke hearts on each plate.
Add the smoked duck slices and foie gras.
Decorate with walnuts.
Pour the salad dressing over.
Serve and enjoy!

Festive Gourmet Salad


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