Mini Chocolate Croissant Dough

12 pieces per pack
Delivered Frozen: dough form
₱350.00 / pack
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Mini Chocolate Croissants Ready-to-bake Frozen Dough

1 dozen

This is just how to make croissants at home: frozen dough of raw 12 bite-sized chocolate croissants. 

From a professional croissant recipe, this pastry in frozen dough form is your ready-to-bake pain au chocolat. Have a great experience in baking french croissants like an expert pastry chef.

Have yourself a lovely golden-brown, crisp, firm, and delicious treat with hints of chocolates. Fantastic in your dessert recipes, a nice portion control to include in your breakfast or light snack.

This frozen dough has undergone a delicate process by passionate pastry chefs, to give an exceptional pastry quality. 

  • - Suitable for vegetarians
  • - Halal-Certified

Chocolate Croissant Ingredients:

Wheat flour, butter, chocolate (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier [soya lecithin], natural vanilla flavour) sugar, yeast, powdered whole milk, water, wheat gluten, eggs, salt, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzymes (amylases, hemicellulases).

Allergen advice: contains gluten, eggs, soya, and dairy products. May contain traces of nuts.


Delivered frozen in dough format.


Keep frozen at -18°C before using.
Do not refreeze after defrosting.


Around 30-45 minutes at room temperature

How to cook frozen uncooked chocolate croissants:

- Place on a baking sheet with spaces apart. This will give the dough space to expand well and prevent from sticking to the pan.
- Bake in convection oven around 16 minutes at 165°C. For conventional oven lower temperature by 20°C.

*guide only, please check oven preferences

Shelf life:

270 days (9 months) in the freezer
3 days in the chiller
24 hours in the refrigerator

Origin: France

Nutrition Facts

Ready-to-bake Chocolate Croissants Nutrition Facts

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