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Butcher Shop

We have curated the top quality meat for you such as beef, steaks, pork, lamb, poultry, charcuterie, tenderloin steaks, and a lot more! Shop online for meat of different types and cuts for your meat recipes and dishes, meat high in protein, or even meat alternatives. Choose from a wide range of imported and local varieties at great prices. Buy meat from grocery online for delivery to your home or workplace in Metro Manila, Philippines.
Find excellent quality Certified Angus Beef, USDA Choice high-grade beef from the USA, and Grass-Fed beef from Australia. We also offer healthy meat options like Organic, Grass-Fed Beef, Free-Range Chicken, Free-Range Pork. Buy gourmet meats like Lamb, French Duck, and Guinea Fowl, including gourmet delicacies like Foie Gras and Duck Fat. We have everything you need for your meals, fit for your every day meals and for special celebrations.