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500 grams
Origin: Italy
₱ 450

Emborg Mascarpone

500 g

Cheese made with high-quality milk cream. Excellent to prepare delicious recipes and not only in confectionery! Cream cheese-like, mascarpone cheese can be used in sweet and savory dishes, the recipe Tiramisu is one classic example.

Serving ideas:

Tiramisu. The mascarpone cheese is the ultimate gourmet expression, inseparable from tiramisu. This dessert becoming the favorite of everyone. The classic chocolate-café tandem being the most appreciated. Variants are equally liked - Tiramisu with red fruits, Tiramisu in with biscuits, etc. (See a sample of the recipe below).

Recipe bits: Essential ingredient as well to a number of recipes like Quiche in smoked salmon, cakes, crepes with mushrooms, apple cake in mascarpone...

Other pairings: Easy association with fruits like raspberries, mangoes, lemon, pineapple, and strawberries; with biscuits like ladyfingers or broas; even with chocolates and coffee.

Recipe Suggestion:

Classic Tiramisù
*recipe from


2 Egg Yolks
50 g Sugar
225 g Emborg Mascarpone (room temperature)
225 ml Emborg Whipping Cream
1 tsp Vanilla
2 cups Strong Coffee
1 packet of Savioardi Biscuits (store bought)
2 tbsp Coffee Liquer (Amaretto or Frangelico Liquer)
Cocoa Powder (for dusting)


To make this classic tiramisu, whisk egg yolks with a whisk until creamy, then fold in Emborg mascarpone and vanilla. Whisk until smooth.
In another mixing bowl, whip up Emborg whipping cream with sugar until soft peaks. Then fold into the mascarpone mixture.
Mix the coffee and coffee liquer in a bowl.
Then, in a serving dish 8” x 8”, quickly dunk in the biscuits into the coffee mixture and arrange into the dish, in a single layer.
Spread on half of the mascarpone mixture, and then repeat with the biscuits again. Then layer with the remaining mascarpone mix.
Smooth the top evenly, then refrigerate for about 4 - 5 hours. It will be better overnight, so the flavours get to mingle and relax into the biscuits. Before serving, dust the top with cocoa powder.
Enjoy this Italian classic!

Milk pasteurized cream, acidity regulator: citric acid
*allergen advice: contains milk.

Health benefits:

A good source of protein and calcium.

Mascarpone Cheese Nutrition Facts


Storage: Keep frozen -18°C and between +4°C / +6°C after opening

Shelf life: 12 months unopened

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Product reviews for Mascarpone

5/19/2021 10:01 PM
very happy
Very happy with this mozzarella, excellent quality, great company to make desserts especially tiramisu. Smooth and creamy.
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1/12/2021 6:33 PM
a reat treat
I really like this cheese. It has nice and subtle blend, a bit strong with a pronounced taste and perfect in cooking. Works perfectly on pizza and salad.
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