Maple Joe Cranberry Syrup

250 ml 100% Pure Cranberry Syrup imported from France

Maple Joe® Cranberry Syrup

250 ml

Discovered by Amerindians long before the conquest of America, cranberry has always been rooted in Canadian and American culture. Recognized for its many natural qualities, this bay is at the heart of Quebec's traditional gastronomy and is now an integral part of modern eating habits. Maple Joe® Cranberry Syrup, a deliciously fruity, delectable red, can be enjoyed as sweet recipes: on traditional pancakes, topped with ice cream, cake or fruit salad; as salty recipes, in a sauce, a stuffing or a vinaigrette.

Ingredients:  Cane sugar, juice and cranberry concentrate (40%).

Origin: Canada

Keep refrigerated after opening.

Shelf life: 2 years from manufactured date.

Texture: Liquid

Flavor: Acidulate
Packing: Glass bottle
Weight: 250g

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good different
worth the try, this is real syrupy goodness with the tangy yet delicious taste of cranberry. Amazing on pancakes, vanilla ice cream, even drinks!
From: Ana | Date: 11/20/2020 8:51 PM
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