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Luxury Seafood Platter - 4 pax

Good for 4 persons.
₱ 9185    ₱ 8500

Luxury Seafood Platter for 4 - Christmas Bundle

A symphony of flavors with the unparalleled richness of premium Smoked Salmon, the exquisite Kaviari Oscietra Caviar, two artisanal sourdough baguettes with a perfectly crispy crust, and a bottle of the refreshingly bubbly Charles de Fere Sparkling Wine - get this impeccable ensemble for four and celebrate special days or create unforgettable moments.

  • Smoked Salmon 500g
  • 50g Kaviari Oscietra Caviar
  • 2 sourdough baguettes
  • Cream Cheese Natural (soft)
  • Charles de fere Sparkling Wine

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