Lungo Coffee Capsules

10 capsules -100% Arabica
Nespresso Compatible
Long shot, lighter body & smooth taste
₱300.00 / pack

Lungo Coffee Capsule by Coffee Planet

Contains 10 coffee capsules or pods 

Nespresso Compatible

Tasting Profile: 

A long shot of coffee with a lighter body and smooth taste, with sweetness of maple and dark chocolate taste, peach and cinnamon finish.

Intensity: 5 

100% freshly roasted Arabica coffee, sourced from the world's best farmers. 

Preparation Instructions:

As Americano - long pour on the Espesso Machine (approximately 110 ml)

Americano with Milk - ong pour on the Espesso Machine (approximately 110 ml)

Add 1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil and 2 tbsp unsalted Butter in the mix for a bulletproof coffee.


Ingredients: 100% Arabica Roasted Coffee

Nutritional Information:

(serving size: 5g)
Calories: 1KCal 
Fat:           0g
Carbs:       0g
Protein:     0g



Produced in United Arab Emirates by Coffee Planet Roastery

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