Light Red Kidney Beans

Easy Cook Finest Legumes
U.S. No. 1 Grade
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Easy Cook Light Red Kidney Beans

Light Red Kidney Beans are medium in size and elongated. Another variety of the common bean with shape and color that ressemble to a kidney.
These legumes are very popular mainly because of their deep, unique full taste and smooth texture. These beans are also highly nutritious and one of the major sources of protein. 
» Rich in Folate
» Loaded with Soluble Fiber
» Great Source of Iron
US #1 Grade: top score grade for lentils and beans by the USDA standard.

Well cooked and prepared red kidney beans can be a healthy component to a well-balanced diet.

Health Benefits:

Red kidney beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein, at times referred to as "a poor man's meat". This nutrient is good for muscle building. Also a good way to satiate and keep from overeating. Great alternative to meat for vegans and vegetarians. A serving of these pulses provides 9 grams or 17% of the daily recommended values.

Low in fat, contain zero cholesterol, and high in fiber. Perfect formula to reduce risk factors of cardiovascular illnesses, reduce levels of bad cholesterol, and decrease inflammation. It helps as well in colon health and good digestion. It aids in controllong blood sugar levels as well. A serving of cooked red kidney beans provides 56% daily recommended dietary fiber.

Healthy source of iron, high in folate and a good source of other B vitamins, and manganese.

Kidney beans are also high in folate, essential most particulary to pregnant women, and a good source of minerals iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium and magnesium.

These legumes can be a great addition to any kind of dish.

Serving Ideas:

The Red Kidney is popular in most kitchens - excellent in soups, casseroles, chili recipes, great salad garnish

- Commonly used in chili con carne
- Part of the traditional Indian cuisine where they are called rajma
- Red beans and rice served as a classic dish, Creole, in the south part of Louisiana


Store in cool, dry place.

Directions for a quick soak:
Pour beans into boiling water, leave to boil for 2 minutes. 
Remove from heat, set aside covered for an hour. 

Recipe Suggestion:

Chili con Carne
*recipe courtesy of The Bon Appétit Diet

Serves 1 person


125 g lean ground beef
100 g Easy Cook light red kidney beans
200 g tomatoes, diced and juiced
1/2 onion
1/2 clove of garlic
50 ml beef broth
A few drops of hot pepper or spicy sauce
1/2 cup powdered cumin
1 tbsp dried oregano
Salt, pepper


Peel and slice onion and garlic. Sauté in a nonstick casserole. Add ground meat, cumin, oregano, hot pepper sauce and stir constantly.
Reduce heat, add broth, diced tomatoes and juice. Finish with light red kidney beans.
Cover and simmer for 30 minutes over low heat.

Bon Appétit !

 Chili con Carne

Nutrition Facts

Light Red Kidney Beans Nutrition Facts

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