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U.S. No. 1 Grade
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Easy Cook Lentils

Lentils are part of the legumes and beans family or called "pulses" with seeds shaped like lens and distinctive, earthy flavor.

Lentils are cooked most often with spices of curry and serving of rice. Great also as salads and hearty soups. Easy to cook and prepare. Easy on the budget but high on health benefits.
» Rich in Folate
» Loaded with Soluble Fiber
» Great Source of Iron
US No. 1 Grade for lentils and beans, highest score given by the USDA standard.

Health Benefits:

One of the best plant-based sources of iron and high quality protein. An excellent source of folate, dietary fiber, and manganese. Very important particularly for adolescents and pregnant women.

Regular intake of legumes is linked to reduced risk of health conditions related to lifestyle like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, etc.

Promotes health for the heart with its fiber and potassium contents as well as folic acid. Fibers help reduce levels of bad cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease.

Provides sustenance with their protein, vitamins, and mineral contents and are a good meat replacement.

Helps decrease blood pressure with its potassium, calcium and magnesium minerals.

Helps fight off fatigue and iron-defiency with its high amounts of iron.
Lentils are consumed in many ways, they are easy to prepare, versatile and highly nutritious.

Serving Ideas:

- Add to any stew or soup for nutrients and fiber kick
- Can be eaten germinated, soaked, cooked, baked or fried
- Can be used in making breads for their emulsifying capabilities
- Good replacement for beans in any recipe
- Great substitute for meat like in pasta red sauce, replace half the meat with lentils
- Mash lentils, add garlic, onion, cut tomatoes, and spices to make an excellent lentil dip
- Nutritious ingredient used for snacks like crackers, crisps, or chips
- Lentil curry is part of the everyday diet by Indians with roti and rice
- Stewed and poured over rice, common in tandem lentil and rice
- Fantastic as lentil soup
- Also used in salads

Fun trivia!

Lentils are among the oldest and earliest pulse crops cultivated in the Old World with origins said to have been discovered in the near East and central Asia. -wikipedia

Store in cool, dry place.

Recipe Suggestion:

Lentils à la Mongo
*recipe courtesy of Ideal Macaroni

Serves 5 to 7 persons


6 cups EASYCOOK Lentils (Soaked and pre-cooked)
1.5 kilos Ground Pork
800 Grams Tinapa
1 Pack (small) Chicharon with laman
2 pcs. Onion
2 pcs. Garlic
2 pcs. Tomatoes
3 Tbsp. Bagoong Alamang
20 Grams Ampalaya leaves
Chicken Stock
Mozzarella Cheese (For garnishing)


In a hot sauté pan with cooking oil, sauté oil, tomatoes, garlic and add bagoong alamang.
Add in pork and sauté for another 10 minutes.
Add in chicken stock and simmer for 5 minutes, add (pre-cooked) lentils and simmer for another 10 minutes
Add in Tinapa flakes and top with Chicharon and Ampalaya leaves.
Serve hot.

Lentils à la Mongo

Nutrition Facts

Lentils Nutrition Facts

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