Lamb Saddle Loin Chops

Avg. 350 - 400g per pack
PhP 1,190.00 / kg
Delivered Frozen
₱475.00 / pack

Imported Lamb Saddle Loin Chops

PhP 1,190.00 / kg

The saddle of lamb chopped from the loin area, around the back. Chops of boned and rolled loin that is excellent in roasts. It is a premium roasting part of the lamb.

One of the most tender parts and prized cuts of the lamb and known for lamb loin roast recipes. Serve on any occasion or just to make your dinner exceptional, have it with a pair of wine.

How to Cook:

Ideally cooked longer to make it more tender and flavorful.

Grill/Barbecue: rub with marinate, olive oil or seasoning
Cook in a pre-heated frying pan or grill until desired doneness is achieved.
For medium rare, cook each side for 3-5 minutes or until soft and pink with moist juices then flip to cook on the other side.
For well done, cook longer until meat is firm or brown.
Let rest before serving.

Pan fry: cook in heated olive oil over moderate-high heat until the desired doneness is reached.
Let rest before serving.

Health Benefits:

This cut is an excellent source of high quality protein, iron, and healthy fats. Every hundred gram serving contains 34% of protein and 7% of iron's daily recommended value. It evens out saturated fat content with the same amount of monounsaturated fat, and with  predominant oleic acid. It contains omega-3 fatty acids as well.

It is rich in B vitamins also, particularly niacin or vitamin B3 with 23% and vitamin B12 with 16% daily recommended intake. The same serving provides 14% zinc and 16% phosphorus.

With its richness in nutrients and more, these chops make an excellent addition to a well-balanced tasty meal.

Origin: Australia


Delivered frozen, vacuum packed individually.
Average weight: 350-400g per pack

Checkout price is based on the maximum weight per pack (350-400g). Actual pack weight upon delivery may be lower. The final invoice will be computed according to the actual weight delivered.

Recipe Suggestion:

Honey-Glazed Lamb Saddle Loin Chops


1 pack Lamb Saddle Loin Chops
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp organic rosemary
1 tsp olive oil
Steamed vegetables or salad for pairing
Salt and pepper


Combine honey and rosemary then season with salt and pepper.
Cook each chop on the pre-heated frying pan with olive oil for a couple of minutes.
Flip to cook the other side.
Pour mixture on each chop then cook some more until the meat is brown.
Flip to cook the other side, pour mixture and continue to cook until meat is browned.
Serve with the veggies and enjoy!


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rare and high quality
This cut is rare and I'm glad I can find it here. My husband is picky and meticulous when it comes to quality. I get my meat items here and by the looks of it, he's very satisfied.
From: Tal | Date: 8/5/2020 11:56 PM
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