LAC StemC®

Premium placenta
30 softgels
₱15698.00 / bottle
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LAC Stem C® 

30 softgels

The powerful rejuvenator. Premium placenta.

Each softgel is like an elixir of youth. This supplement is made from Hokkaido's premium thoroughbred horse placenta that boosts cellular regeneration.

The rejuvenating supplement contains precious concentration active placenta extract per capsule. Placenta is an active ingredient that supports the body's system to renew, repair, and rejuvenate aging cells and damaged tissues.

Superior cell rejuvenator
 Super rich in anti-aging amino acids and youth-enhancing growth factors
 Formulated with
- 400mg Thoroughbred Horse* Placenta extract
- Squalene (oil from shark liver) – defend cellular & skin damage, and promote good tissue repair
- Grape Seed Oil (contains essential fatty acids) – support skin moisturization

*Thoroughbred horses – premium horses, which are raised under the most stringent and favourable environment, diet, healthcare & training. They are very strong and are used for horse-racing & high-society sports like polo.

LAC StemC® is for anyone who is undergoing signs of aging, loss of vitality, and quick physical exhaustion.


Take one capsule daily, preferably before breakfast.

Health Benefits:

Improve vitality, both physically & mentally:
° More energized to meet the demands of everyday work & activities/sport performance
° Enhance alertness and productivity, and sense of self-satisfaction
° Improve stress-tolerance to cope well with stressful & demanding lifestyle
° Promote fast recovery from ailments, tiredness or exercise
° Revitalizes the renewal system
° Activates metabolism
° Elevates stamina and energy levels
° Boosts mental alertness
° Enhances blood circulation
Fight ageing:
° Reduce the ageing effects of poor lifestyle, accumulated stress and mid-life body changes
° Revitalize the body’s renewal process
Improve youthful radiance:
° Restore and maintain youth, so that one looks & feels young!
° Regenerates body cells and tissues
° Improves skin elasticity



Thoroughbred Placenta Extract, Squalene, Grape Seed Oil.

Other Ingredients: Bees Wax, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester.
Source of gelatin: Bovine

Storage Instruction:

Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Origin: Japan


1. Why is horse placenta better than sheep placenta?
 It is more superior as contains higher amount of anti-ageing amino acids. Thoroughbred horses are strong by nature and are raised under stringent environment, diet, healthcare & training
2. How soon can I see the results?
 Customers experience improvement symptoms over various durations of intake, but 3 months of daily intake tend to produce feeling and appearance of youth & vitality
3. What is the function of placenta organ?
 It connects developing fetus to the uterine wall for nutrient uptake, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply.
 It is rich in amino acids and growth factors, with revitalize the body to fight ageing, promote youthfulness.
1. Does this product contain hormone?
No. The product is tested, and confirmed no hormones.
2. What is the recommended intake timing should someone need to take medicine?
Consume StemC 2 hours apart from medication (and caffeine beverages).
3. Who should avoid taking this product?
Those who are pregnant, lactating, allergic to placenta, or with severe diseases, e.g. auto-immune disorder, cancer, kidney failure, etc.
4. Why is horse placenta more costly than sheep placenta?
Two main reasons: Thoroughbred horses are fed and raised under the stringent environment and conditions, which is costly. And, only 1 placenta can be harvested from each horse per year as horses only give birth once a year.
5. Is there any proof that horses used in this product were not dead, or harmed for the purpose of extracting the placenta?
Yes. We have Declaration statement from supplier.
6. Can this product be consumed on a long-term basis?
Yes. It’s a food-nature supplement, but much more premium than ordinary food.
7. Is this product certified Halal?


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