Intenso - Coffee Capsules

10 capsules
Nespresso Compatible
Full-bodied, rich heavy crema, lasting taste
₱280.00 / pack

PODiSTA Nespresso® Compatible Intenso Coffee Capsules 

10 coffee capsules or pods of 50 grams

Intenso is a strong espresso with a thick crema and a taste so lasting. A daring choice for coffee lovers. Once tried, a day can never be the same without it. 

With the New York sophistication, this delicious strong rich coffee blend is a spiky shot that will jolt you awake! Intense and powerful roasted coffee beans, only the finest.

How to Serve:

Regular use: Use 1 pod (40 ml extraction) with 100 ml frothed milk to taste.
Extra strong: use 2 pods (40 ml extraction each) and add 50 ml frothed milk or to taste.
Mocha: prepare 40 ml shot of coffee in a cup with 40 ml shot of hot chocolate, add frothed milk to taste.
Want it cold? Simply pour over ice, add cold milk for a creamy refreshing cold drink!

You can also enjoy it as an Americano, Cappuccino, a Café Latte, or as a bulletproof coffee:
Americano - use short pour button on the Espresso Machine (35-40 ml), eject capsule and then add hot water
Capuccino - use short pour button on the Espresso Machine, eject capsule and then add frothed milk
Café Latte - use short pour button on the Espresso Machine. eject capsule and then add steamed milk
For any coffee choice, mix in 1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil and 2 tbsp unsalted Butter to make a bulletproof coffee.

Tasting Profile:
Anticipate a full-bodied experience with rich, heavy crema and lasting taste. Intensity 12.

Ingredients: Freshly Ground Roasted Coffee Beans.

Machine Type: Nespresso compatible
Compatible with Nespresso Citiz, U, Pixie, Lattissima, and Essenza machines (plus others). Not compatible with Virtuoline.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Best consumed within 4 weeks of opening for maximum freshness.

Origin: Australia

Directions of Use:

Run machine for 3 seconds without pod.
Add new pod/capsule into the machine.
Use short pour button, extract approximately 40 ml of coffee into your mug.
Add frothed milk to taste.
Pre and post "flush" and regular cleaning of drip tray is recommended.

Recipe Suggestion:

Espresso Martini
*original recipe from blog


One pod (30ml) freshly poured PODiSTA pod espresso
45ml Good quality vodka. You can also use vanilla vodka if you’d like
15ml Kahlua liquor
10ml Sugar Syrup


Pour ingredients into shaker filled with ice.
Shake vigorously, and strain into chilled martini glass. It should have a nice ‘’crema” froth like an espresso.
Serve and enjoy!

Espresso Martini Recipe


Nutrition Facts

Intenso Coffee Capsules Nutrition Facts

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