Intenso - Coffee Capsules

10 capsules
Nespresso Compatible
Full-bodied, rich heavy crema, lasting taste
₱280.00 / pack

Intenso Coffee Capsule by PODiSTA 

Contains 10 coffee capsules or pods of 50 grams

Nespresso Compatible

Tasting Profile: 

Anticipate a full-bodied experience with rich, heavy crema and lasting taste. Intensity 12. 

You can enjoy it as an Americano,  Cappuccino or a Café Latte

Nespresso Compatible


Freshly Ground Roasted Coffee Beans.

Preparation Instructions:

Americano - use short pour button on the Espresso Machine (35-40 ml), eject capsule and then add hot water 

Capuccino - use short pour button on the Espresso Machine, eject capsule and then add frothed milk

Café Latte - use short pour button on the Espresso Machine. eject capsule and then add steamed milk

For any coffee choice, mix in 1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil and 2 tbsp unsalted Butter to make a bulletproof coffee.

Best consumed within 4 weeks of opening for maximum freshness. Store in a cool dry place. 

Product imported from Australia

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