Indigo Eyes Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml. 2016 vintage
California, USA
₱795.00 / bottle

Indigo Eyes Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml

A well-grown wine with a drive and balance of notes from vanilla, cherries, a gentle oak barrel and fresh fruits. It has tender tannin touch yet intense full-bodied taste and a style so resplendent. Bold, structured and charmingly grand from the wine region in California.

Region: Napa Valley

State: California

Country: USA

Vintage: 2016

Tasting notes

An intense red with little brownish sparkles, clean, smooth with sweetness on the palate, such as raspberries, vanilla, blackcurrants with hints of oak and coconut, moving to round tannins and balanced acidity with a touch of mocha and fruity finish. It has soft alluring aroma of combined black fruits, chocolate, smoke and humid forests.


Pairs nice with beef, red meat, lamb, poultry, game (deer, venison), burgers and pizza. 

Grape Variety
100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Aging: 12 months second use French oak barrels

Aging potential: 4-8 years

Serving temperature: 18 °C

Alcohol content: 13.5%


Fact Sheet

Indigo Eyes Cabernet Sauvignon Fact Sheet

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Very good wine at a reasonable price
Tastes superior and with character.
From: Sugar | Date: 9/18/2020 3:33 PM
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