Black Sesame Street

Nutty black sesame seeds and spicy fresh ginger
1 pint
₱520.00 / pint

ADAM'S Seriously Good Ice Cream Black Sesame Street

1 pint (470 ml)

Nutty black sesame seeds and spicy fresh ginger, an exquisite combination of flavors in an ice cream that will entice your taste buds and stick to your taste memory for its uniqueness. The sought-after flavor of black sesame from other dessert goodness, now can be found in an ice cream. Something new, worth a try. An upcoming dessert star, healthy, too. Handmade using natural ingredients and french cream.

Serving Ideas:

  • ° Great as dessert to not stray to far away from the healthy diet.
    ° Excellent as snack to share with the kids.
    ° Serve in parties

Origin: Philippines

Storage: Store at -18°C or below.


Recipe Suggestion:

Black Sesame Street Ice Cream Sandwiches


16 cookies of choice
1 pint Black Sesame Street Ice Cream
3 tbsp Tahini


On a tray, place 4 pairs of cookies in two rows facing up.
Smear the side facing up with the ice cream.
Sprinkle tahini on top of each.
Cover when another set of pair of cookies.
Serve and enjoy!

Black Sesame Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

Nutrition Facts

Black Sesame Street Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

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deliciously unique
This is sooo good! The mix is unique, riveting and the taste is captivating.
From: Chiqui | Date: 10/16/2020 4:50 PM
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