Honey with Royal Jelly

250 grams
Lune de Miel Honey with natural Royal Jelly, imported from France
₱499.00 / bottle
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Lune de Miel Honey with Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly liquid is skillfully collected from the Queen's cells from the large naturally occuring deposits within the beehive. We have carefully combined Royal Jelly with honey to create a 100% natural product that can be enjoyed on toast, in cooking or as a substitute to sugar in breakfast preparations and in tea or coffee.


Honey (96%), Royal Jelly (4%)

Nutrition Facts

Typical value per 100g

Energey                  1360 kJ 

Carbohydrate          82g  (of which sugars 64g)

Protein                   0.7g

Salt                       0.1g.


Note: The use of natural sweeteners can have effects on health as with regular refined sugar. Consult your nutritionist if you have diabetes or would like to lower sugar in your diet, for health, and/or weight loss purposes.

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