Healthy Malunggay Spaghetti

250 grams
Fresh spaghetti loaded with real malunggay. Vegan.
Delivered Frozen
₱290.00 / pack
Healty Food Healty Food

Malunggay packed vegetable (vegan) fresh pasta. Our favorite veggie malunggay meets our classic pasta spaghetti. 

Forget empty-calorie pasta. We packed as much vegetables as we can into your pasta so you can eat to your heart's content without the guilt! 

Definitely healthier choice for your pasta recipes.

Ingredients: malunggay, all purpose four, water

Packed by 250g

How to Cook Fresh Pasta:

  1.  Bring water to a rolling boil. Add salt but no oil to the water. Make sure pasta is well submerged in water to prevent from sticking.
  2.  Drop fresh pasta in rapidly boiling water. No need to thaw if frozen. Separate strands with a fork when noodles soften enough. Fresh pasta cooks very fast so don’t leave them unattended. Keep testing for doneness after 1 minute.  To prevent sticking, run noodles under cold tap, strain then toss with olive oil. 
  3.  If you are serving pasta right away mixed with sauce, remove the pasta with tongs when it is only half cooked and then add it to the pan with your sauce and let it finish cooking there until it is al dente.  Serve immediately.

Store in the freezer.

Shelf Life: Up to 3 months.

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