Fix & Fogg Smooth Peanut Butter

375 grams
Vegan. Non-GMO. No added sugar & additives.
₱350.00 / jar
Healty Food

Fix & Fogg Smooth Peanut Butter

375 g

The classic kind just the way you like it with a little extra love being handmade by the best peanut butter maker in the world. Made from golden roasted peanuts with sprinkles of Marlborough sea salt to bring out the full nutty flavor, this peanut butter is so smooth, creamy and something very special.

Pure without added sugar, this natural, unsweetened peanut butter is finely textured. Pairs well with your sandwich during breakfast or snack, perfect ingredient for your peanut butter cookies with lesser calories. Healthy and guilt-free. Yummy, too!

Serving Ideas:

- Simply cozy up and eat it by the spoon!
- Great in smoothies, toasts, or brownies.
- Spread over toast with jelly drizzle and top off with bits of fresh fruits or dried berries.
- Mix with grated carrots, toasted oats, cranberries with a pinch of cinnamon and shape to make into balls.
- Stir in oatmeal with cuts of banana, some peanuts sprinkled in with honey for a heavenly breakfast.

A bronze-medalist of a unique peanut butter variety from a peanut butter recipe like no other.

Health Benefits:

Lower carbs without a hitch in satisfaction. Compatible to a low carb diet or keto diet.

Made with wholesome all-natural finest ingredients. Simple yet nutritious, naturally. The creamiest smoothest peanut butter that is also good for the health.

Hi-oleic peanuts are not only pleasing to the palate, they boast of high content of monounsaturated fats. These are the good fats that help lower bad cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart disease, and lower blood pressure. The presence of beta-sitosterol in this healthy spread gives a notch in lowering LDL levels and enhancing immunity.

It also contains saturated fats that are essential in helping produce important vitamins like vitamin D, and crucial hormones like testosterone.

An excellent source of protein and also aids in metabolic functions and fat burning. This peanut butter will help keep hunger pangs at bay by keeping you feeling full for longer.

It contains essential minerals as well. Magnesium, for example, being among those in high amount. It helps boost biochemical reactions in the body - detoxification, maintenance of strong bones and teeth, production of energy, regulation of body temperature, and good nervous system function. Another is manganese. This essential mineral helps in energy metabolism and bones formation. There is zinc as well that helps boost immune system, copper, iron, and phosphorus.

  • - vegan
  • - gmo-free
  • - no added sugar
  • - no nasty additives

Only the best ingredients to create healthy, delicious peanut butter.

Ingredients: Hi-oleic peanuts, Marlborough sea salt.
*Allergen advice: CONTAINS Peanuts.

Shelf life: 10 months

Origin: New Zealand

Recipe Suggestion:

Dairy-Free Smooth Peanut Butter Ice Cream
*courtesy of Fix & Fogg


3 frozen sliced bananas
1 cup refrigerated coconut cream
1/2 cup Fix & Fogg smooth peanut butter
Cacao nibs and chopped roasted peanuts to sprinkle on top


Blend bananas, coconut cream and PB in a food processor or smoothie maker.
You can either serve it now, or put in a container and freeze it for a few hours if you want it firmer (it will also keep well in the freezer).
Spoon into bowls and sprinkle with your favourite toppings to turn it into a sundae - we like cacao nibs and peanut pieces!

Dairy-Free Smooth Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe


Nutrition Facts

Smooth Peanut Butter Nutrition Facts


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