Healthy Food Swaps

7grains is all about healthy food swaps. We bring you their line of healthy food options to replace your regular pantry items with: seasonings, ketchup, soup base and snacks for a much healthier diet, as well as food items that aid in weight loss. Regular commercial brands normally do not prioritize health over flavor, especially for these items: they usually contain way too much salt, empty calories and nasty stealth ingredients. You can buy instead these food swaps with health benefits such as less sodium, less calories, low glycemic ingredients, and more. Try these swaps and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Buy online for delivery to your home in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Edamame Beans Protein Pasta

Pasta made from Edamame beans. High protein & fiber, less carbs (200 grams)
₱160.00 / pack

Yellow Soybean Protein Pasta

Gluten-free. Made from Organic Yellow Soybeans(200 grams)
₱160.00 / pack

Skinny Carbs Shirataki Noodles

Virtually calorie free noodles for weight loss. Gluten-free. Keto-compatible.
200 gra...
₱115.00 / pack

Skinny Carbs Shirataki Rice

Virtually calorie-free rice for weight-loss. Gluten-free. Keto-compatible.
200 grams
₱115.00 / pack

Vegetable Bouillon Cubes

Made from real vegetables, herbs and spices. Gluten-free. No MSG.
₱90.00 / pack

Healthy Tomato Ketchup

Gluten-Free, low-calorie, vegan, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium.
250 ml
₱155.00 / pack

Gluten-Free Seasoning 300ml

Fermented USDA selected soybeans gives natural "Umami" flavor the healthy way.
₱120.00 / bottle

Calamansi Purée (Lemonsito)

1 kilo worth of pure freshly squeezed calamansi in a bottle. No sweeteners.
300 ml
₱160.00 / bottle