Halal Chicken Breast Fillet

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Halal Chicken Breast Fillet Boneless, Skinless, packed by 2kg

2 kgs, Php 299 / kg

Halal-certified premium meat from the staple cut of chicken breast fillets, clean, and neat. The white meat we crave to serve and enjoy in any chicken dish.

Lean chicken meat that can be prepared stuffed, cooked slow or fast, and goes well with a plethora of wholesome ingredients and recipes.

Serving Ideas:

* pair with pasta, rice or quinoa
* stir-fry with your favourite vegetables
* cover with breadcrumbs for a crispy and crunchy meat
* rub meat with garlic before cooking to make it healthier
* cook as fried, baked, steamed or in a curry
* toss in salads or stews

Origin: Brazil

How to Cook Chicken Breasts Fillet

Defrost first and remove from packaging.
Preheat oven at 180°C/400°F/Fan 160°C/Gas.
Rub the chicken fillets lightly with oil, season with salt and pepper (optional).
Cook in oven until brown, around 15-20 minutes.
Preheat frying pan over high heat.
Heat cooking oil and fry the chicken fillets for a couple of minutes or until golden brown.
Flip to cook the other side.
*Ensure that the fillets are thouroughly cooked before serving with juices that run clear.

Health Benefits:

Excellent source of protein with several amino acids for a boost in energy and growth and maintenance of muscles and body.

This white meat is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly in vitamin B6 and selenium.

It helps support the immune system and protect the body from many diseases.

Good alternative to red meat, it has more lean protein with lower calories, fats, and cholesterol.

Storage: In the freezer below 5°C. Once opened, use immediately. Freeze upon receipt and use within one month. Defrost in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.

Shelf Life: 9 months in the freezer

Recipe Suggestion:

Pasta Salad with Chicken Breast Fillet in Curry


120 g pasta
200 g carrots
4 ripe tomatoes
250 g chicken breasts fillet
1 plain yogurt
1 tsp canola oil
1 tps curry powder
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tbsp coriander, chopped
Salt and pepper


Cook the pasta al dente, then drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.
Slice chicken fillet into smaller portions.
In a bowl, mix the yogurt with the oil, the curry, the garlic and the coriander.
Add the chicken fillets and let sit for 30 minutes.
Drain the chicken, keeping the marinade.
Cook without fat in a non-stick pan then let cool.
Cut the tomatoes and carrots into thin strips about 2 to 2.5 cm.
In another bowl, pour the cooled pasta, carrots and tomatoes.
Add the chicken and drizzle with the curry marinade.
Serve and enjoy!

Pasta Salad with Chicken Breast Fillet in Curry Recipe

Nutrition Facts

Chicken Breast Fillet Nutrition Facts

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