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Green Tea Surprise - 1 pint

Frozen Healty Food
1 pint
Gluten-free and Dairy-free
₱ 395

Green Tea Vegan Ice Cream

1 pint

The Green Tea Surprise is inspired by artisanal green tea blends. A must-try for a surprisingly refreshing taste! 

Green tea ice cream is a popular Japanese ice cream flavor and is perfect as a sweet and refreshing dessert after a traditional Japanese meal. The label "green tea ice cream" is slightly deceptive, as the ice cream itself is not made from tea, but rather from matcha powder. 

Health Benefits:

  • ► Low-Glycemic: prominent low-glycemic sweetener, coconut sugar is used.  It's the only sweetener that's rich in minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.  Also contains inulin, a soluble dietary fiber that can promote digestive health.
  • ► Dairy-Free:  coconut cream is used as a substitute for milk. 
  • ► Gluten-Free: no ingredients that have any trace or by-product of gluten, wheat, or flour are used - all-natural and gluten-free ingredients.


 Green tea surprise vegan ice cream nutrition facts


Store at -18°C or below.

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8/12/2021 5:24 PM
This is the right and the best way to take green tea, in it's ice cream form.
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