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Gluten-Free Ice Cream Mini Muffins

Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Gluten-Free Ice Cream Mini Muffins


Craving a cool, refreshing treat that's gluten-free and deliciously fun? Here's a 3-ingredient recipe in 3 easy steps - a fusion of the fluffy goodness of mini muffins with the sweet indulgence of ice cream, perfect for an afternoon treat or a satisfying dessert.


½ pack of Honey Almond Mini Muffins (GF) or Chocolate Mini Muffins (GF)
A tub of your choice of gluten-free ice cream
Frozen berries for topping


Chop the frozen berries.
Scoop an ice cream and top on the mini muffin.
Garnish with chopped berries and enjoy!